I want pretty covers too!

 Triggered. Salty. I am both. Why is it that YA books seem to have all the beautiful covers, but when it comes to adult books most of the covers are poop? I don't understand. Do publishers think that readers just don't care? If you have ever perused a bookstore or library I am sure that you have seen a cover so amazing you pulled it from the shelf to see what it was about. Whether you took it home or not is irrelevant. The point is the cover grabbed your attention. 


I read a lot of adult books and I would love to go on youtube and do a bookshelf tour, but honestly other than my YA, collector editions, and maybe two adult books, the covers are pretty ugly. Don't believe me? Well now lets just take a brief look.


 Metallic and shiny BadA$$  secret spy cool

Glows in the freaking dark!



and then there is this

 Did someone sneeze or barf on this cover?

 A fingerprint... Really? No effort was put into this cover.


 A staircase had what to do with this book?


  I am shaking in my boots... *insert eye roll here*


Again NOTHING relevant to the book! 


This last one is one of my favorite books and the one that agitates me the most. This book is about a woman who finds a letter from her husband that says to read it after his death. He is still alive on a trip and she reads the letter. This book is amazing. The secret is huge and it has devastating affects on everyone. It's a great book in and of its self, but that epilogue. OMG it will change your life. It changed mine. I would recommend this book to tweens and above. If I had read this book in my teens I would have made a lot of different choices and probably have been very different. I don't think I would have struggled with things as much as I did. I really, really love this book. Don't skip to the end and read it. You have to go through the journey to get the full effect of the epilogue. Trust me. You NEED to read this. The cover is so bad and will not appeal to a lot of people. Some will probably pass on it. The cover should have been gender neutral at the very least. 


I really hope this makes it to publishers because I am sick to death of poop covers. I want texture and relevant images. I want covers that spark my imagination and pique my interest. Just because they are adult novels doesn't make the cover any less important.