I love going to bookstores or the library. My house is littered with books. The art on my walls are book covers that double as posters on the back. I have hoodies that say "Bookmarks are for quitters" and "This is how I roll" with a cart full of books on it. I read almost every type of fiction (minus historical fiction and romance). Sometimes I reread my favorite childhood books.


Growing up we didn't have a lot of money and my mom has a disease that did not allow for a lot of driving . So the books I had were mainly school book fairs, goosebumps, the occasional library trip, and whatever books my mom had which were mainly adult mystery, thriller, and horror. I grew up reading all kinds of books not just children's books. I hate labels and maybe that is why what I'm about to tell you irks me so badly.


I went to a book store and found this really interesting book called The Pharaoh's Secret by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown. It involves a toxic black mist, plagues, and mummies. I go get in line to pay for my book. Now I'm last in line so I can see several people being checked out. When I get up to pay for my book (which happens to be discounted) the lady proceeds to take the cover off my book to check to make sure the physical book matches the cover. She did not do this to anyone else but me. I'm trying not to get irritated when she says "Are you buying this as a gift?" "No." I reply. "It's for me." She then gives me a confused look and say to me, "Wouldn't you prefer a YA book? I can get someone to show you where they are?".....


*internal screaming*


I would not put a discounted cover over a book to get it cheaper. It has never occurred to me to do so. I get there are people out there who may do that and I understand a store's policy to check. My issue is check everyone not just random people based on your prejudices. The reason I am buying an adult book is not because I couldn't find your YA section? I'm not as young as you think I am, but even if I was why wouldn't I want to read an adult book?


I wanted to yell all these thing very loudly so everyone could hear, but instead I politely declined the tour to YA, paid for my book and left. I am salty and a bit bitter about my book buying experience. I hate that because I look younger people assume that YA is all I read. I like a vast array of books. Stop judging me