Reading progress update: I've read 136 out of 384 pages.

The Troop: A Novel - Nick Cutter

I am struggling within myself to finish this book. The book is written really well. The writer himself is talented. That said a character in this book likes to torture animals, insects, etc. He is  a psychopath. The writer goes into extensive gory detail and it doesn't add to the story. There is a character whom I've become attached to who dies a senseless death after going through horrors. I know this because I was spoiled. So is it worth finishing? I don't like to read in detail animals suffering. It legitimately does not add to this story whatsoever. 


When I was in high school I was a camp counselor for a boys summer camp. I was in charge of the jock, the brain, the joker, etc. I had one of every stereotype. By the end of camp I taught them to work together. They came in separated by their abilities, picking on each other but left an odd sort of family. They all became friends and watched out for each other. They looked up to me and I used it to teach them together they are stronger than separated. I also taught them to say please and thank you at the dinner tables. Parents your welcome. But in all seriousness I hope it made a difference and what they learned carried with them throughout their years. My experience is not this book. I am fine with a good horror story. I loved Lord of the Flies. What I don't love is torture and pain in gory detail with a 14 year old boys graphic pleasure in it. I don't love a character senseless death that doesn't add anything to the story.


It's decision time. Should I leave it and go straight to Misery or do I stick it out and read the rest of this book? ....